I ask a lot of the work I do:

I ask a lot of the work I do:

Does it have a purpose?

Purpose gives your brand a major advantage in the marketplace. It defines your customers, it connects with them on an emotional level, and—by extension—builds a loyal following.

My first step is to listen to your story. Why did you start your business? How are you improving someone’s day, week, year? Once I understand your purpose I will work to faithfully convey it.

Does it look feel right?

 Have you ever thought that a design didn’t feel right? It’s because what we see plays on our emotions by way of our associations, memories, and cultural backgrounds.

 My work is tailored to evoke the right emotions and build trust. Your customers won’t simply be told that your product is quality, they’ll feel it in their bones. Art, you say? It’s more of a dark art.

Does it work?

 A web design can look good but can it be built into something that performs and converts? A package design can be visually striking but will it accurately communicate and sell what's inside?

This is where art and math come together to correct our assumptions and to help us see objectively. I will do the research, test, revise, re-test, and revise again. I will make it work.


The tools I use:

The tools I use:

I create wireframes in Balsamic and on Whiteboards
I design for screens in Sketch
I create click-through web prototypes with  InVision and Craft
I design interactions in Principle
I design logos, icons, and small printed things in Illustrator
I retouch and composite photos in Photoshop
I batch edit photos in Lightroom
I design catalogs and books in InDesign
I create slide presentations in PowerPoint and Keynote
I keep notes, ideas, and project details in Trello
I build websites in Wordpress, Ghost, and Squarespace
I create email campaigns in MailChimp
I code in Sublime Text